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Welcome to the official FFCS Class of 1987 web page! Please take a moment to vote for the 25-Yr reunion using the above mini poll!

This free web page contains information about the 15-Year reunion that took place on 11/2/02 and the 20-Year reunion that took place on 8/11/07. In addition, this page contains links to sites of relevance as well as to the class photo album(s). If you'd like to add photos to the class album(s) (which so far consist of a 15-Yr reunion album & a miscellaneous album) or if you'd like to add your own personal URL to the web page, just click on the 'Contact the Webmaster' button on the left of this page and send the information along to Michele Duquette Loperfido for posting. Make sure that any photos to be added are in .JPG format.  This page will be used to help the class members keep in touch with one another. Please be sure to save it as a favorite and visit once in a while to see any changes. If you have any comments, questions, classmate information requests or personal information updates, again - be sure to click on the 'Contact the Webmaster' button to the left of this page and send an email. Also, please be sure to sign the guestbook and/or leave a message in the class forum. The class even has it's own chat room! Just click on any of the blue Bravenet link button(s) to the left of this page.  These buttons are not advertisements but are links to additional FFCS information.  It would be great to hear from you!

In advance, please accept the class' apologies for the advertisements that will pop up from time to time as you navigate through this free website.

Thanks again to everyone for making our 15-year reunion such a great success! Our 20-year was organized by an outside source and had a very low turnout. We're hoping to get back on track for the 25th! We'll see you in 5 years!  Enjoy your visit!

______________________________________________________________________________________________ Those Missing in Action:  If you have ANY knowledge of how to contact these people, please click on the 'Contact the Webmaster' button on your left to give an update.

Cheri Allen, Audra Barker Handy, Bonnie Davis Ioele, Charlotte Frank, Kimberly Johns, Scott Mosher, Andy Nagy, Jim Oare, Richard Putman ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Those who attended the 15-year reunion (59):

Kim Auspelmyer Kirk, Shannon Beaulieu, Michele Bond Stanton, Sara Burbine, Roxanne Clute Vecchio, Mickey Crandall, Jim Cranker, David Crockett, Sherri Denton MacDougall, Ed Douglass, Pat Douglass, Michele Duquette Loperfido, Ernie Fancher, Andy Flosdorf, Matt Folts, Mike Francisco, Cindy Frederick Monk, Mia Furlong Barr, Bob Galusha, Barton Garren, Linda Grandy Denton, Michael Grandy, Sue Gray Denton, Melanie Grosse Amatetti, Ed Hantho, Dean Hinderliter, Tricia Jackson Atty, Betsy Kessler Estacio, Brenda Korona Dado, Dale Lindsay VanNess, John Maloney, Michelle Maring, Paula Miller Lombardoni, Jim Monk, Rich Moran, Jon Morford, Robert Morse, Charlie Murray, Tom Nethaway, Mark Newkirk, Lisa Paro VanAlstyne, Chuck Parslow, Marie Piening Fosmire, Sharlene Plaster Carpenter, Michelle Pollock Kumar, Randy Price, Jim Rodecker, Sue Sammons, Dominic Santa Maria, John Scrima, Jack Sheckton, Wendy Simonds Blowers, Vickie Sweet, Pamala Tetens, Christine Thum Bagnardi, Fred Walsh, Russell Warner, Tammy Weed Gomez, Annette Whipple Kilmartin ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Those who attended the 20-year reunion (11) which was organized by the FFCS Alumni team and held at the Johnstown Holiday Inn on 8/11/07:

Michele Duquette Loperfido, Michael Grandy, Linda Grandy, Sue Gray Denton, Todd Cramer, Sherri Denton MacDougall, Tammy Weed, Michelle Pollock Kumar, Roxanne Clute Vecchio, Jim Cranker, Chuck Parslow. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Those we hope to see at the 25-year reunion who have not yet attended a reunion:

Amy Atkins Cole, Marc Baker, Renee Berglund Abrink, Joe Battisti, Jack Bouton, Darlene Boyer Bentley, Gary Buanno, Jennifer Carcasi Trumble, Joann Cary Gannon, Shelly Coddington Kayser, Angela Colabello Swart, Robin Conrad, Melana Conte Devereux, Marion Finch Rivenburg, Donald Fisher, Bill Gray, Cindy Guadagno, Tim Hanson, Jackie Hayes Bull, Jeff Hayes, Rodd Hicks, Mike Hornbeck, Glen Jager, Ann Lampkin Quesada, Denise Landwehr, Debby Lang Kilcullen, Jennifer Lang, Zane McCaslin, Mike McCully, Katie Minicki Briggs, Rob Nethaway, Theresa Papa Stern, Michelle Phillips Sanges, Richard Post, Hope Poultney Dennison, Katrina Poultney, Regina Pullen Breton, Jason Pulliam, Zara Reed, Kristen Ryder Sowle, Richard Sargalis, Patty Scrima Barraza, Andy Shaw, Rich Squeglia, Melissa Thompson, Melinda Vandenburgh Pedrick, May Viola Licht, Clifford Vought, Jr., Mark Wojcik ______________________________________________________________________________________________


©FFCS Class of 1987

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